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  1. It says "Access for three days". Will the webcast last that long?
    No, the webcast is on Saturday, March 24th and lasts from 8:45 until the end of the evening (Amsterdam/Eindhoven-timezone). After the Retreat (award ceremony) we stop the broadcast. We have provided access for three days to make sure that everyone can watch, because we are not sure how it works with different time zones. To avoid that we get questions from people who can see nothing Saturday, we will give 3 days access.
  2. Can I restart the webcast or rewind to the beginning of a certain show?
    Unfortunately, the webcast cannot be restarted nor rewinded. So you can really only watch it live on the day itself. All performances will be added to the CGN Video Vault as soon as possible in the days after the event.
  3. Can I view the webcast simultaneously on multiple devices?
    No, after purchase, a subscription is linked to the specified email address. You must log in before you can watch. Once you login on another device, you will be automatically logged out on the first device.
  4. Will you broadcast both Prelims and Finals?
    We will broadcast almost everything. Percussion and Winds Prelims are not broadcasted live. However, we will add these performances to the CGN Video Vault with priority as soon as possible in the days after the event.
  5. I am not satisfied with the quality, can I get my money back?
    We will make every effort to supply you with the best possible webcast. We strive for an HD (720) quality, but we depend on the upload-quality offered by the venue. We have done testing and it all looks very good. Only if the entire stream is not available, we will give you a refund. This can also be in the form of, for example, (monthly) credits for the CGN VideoVault.
  6. Why does the webcast cost money?
    For over 10 years we have provided the webcasts for free, because we were able to make use of free platforms. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why we have launched a paid platform. Because we have received many questions to offer higher quality, we decided to make a paid webcast. All your money is used to pay for the platform, so we are able to keep the contributions minimized. CGN uses VideoVault and its volunteers to do the production. These volunteers will do everything to give you a great day.
  7. Where should I ask my question?
    If your question is not answered above, the easiest way is to mail to This mail is created specifically for this event and is monitored as much as possible during the event. If you have any complaints about the broadcast which can wait, please send them after the event to the same address. This helps us to focus to put out the best possible webcast for you.

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